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A Person's Feeling 8-18-17 : Love
Once cherished, but now a feeling to avoid.
Replenished the sorrow, as I felt destroyed.
Emotions are jaded, for my love has faded.
For I've been demolished and quite degraded.
It was a journey of bliss, that ended as demented.
It abruptly ended and was unprecedented.
Never tempted to leave what I was blessed with.
I drowned in sorrow. Dejection, I've been left with.
Petrified of responsibilities. Wanting mistress.
Pernicious thoughts intermittently digress.
In love afresh, and still frightened to confess.
A smoke in the chest. incompetent to be expressed.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 9 4
| Discouraged - Judged - Angry | Vent
I feel as if I am surrounded by dark.
Without any light or any sort of spark.
I feel discouraged, malnourished, and rubbish.
Demotivated, hopes are jaded - not rugged.
Judged above. And I feel pessimistic.
With melancholy-like characteristics.
Angry at myself, yet breaking crucifixes.
Acting agitated, aggravated and animalistic.
Masking masterfully manifested as mutated.
Evil echoes had my happiness evacuated.
Intricate rhymes over-looked for show boat.
Sitting here, crying inside with no hope.
Feel like Amityville, angry at this calamity.
Dear God, where is my remaining humanity.
Sanity? Or just an illusion of such vanity.
The family of heathens believing in insanity.
No heeding ear, or maybe I am afraid.
Caged, amazed, set ablaze in this cage.
Restricted by my wicked thoughts, enraged.
Played by life in a maze filled with craze.
Scars self-inflicted, reflected as if livid.
unprecedented acts committed,  quite indeed vivid.
Insane, deranged, in pain, and sickened.
Wanting incisio
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 9 8
| Relatable Feeling | Vent
Demented lunatic.
Sorrowful mist quite thick.
Sorrow is forever.
Happiness found never.
Catastrophe kills me.
This misery fills me.
Surrounded by my friends.
When will the sorrow end.
Dullfull in these visions.
Coveting incisions.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 6
| Beautiful Life | Something
I feel lifeless, empty, in melancholy to infinity.
All I see is sadness and depression in this vicinity.
Low on energy, without a strand of life in veins.
Filled with pain, deranged, and going insane.
Others ask questions, that I can't bear to answer.
It's rather annoying, agitation, and pure cancer.
Happiness around others but sadness surrounds.
Free, but flightless. Lifeless heart still pounds.
Fear not, as I just cut away the sorrows.
You wouldn't eat any tough pills to swallow.
Maybe in the future, no one now knows.
I am my own witness, for the self-moving show
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 7 0
| Lone Color | by MrSkittlesXD | Lone Color | :iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 6 6
| Couplets Of Complaints | Vent
Life is tough as far as your two eyes can see.
Life is tough no matter what you want to be.
It is hard to live no matter the colour or race.
Tough to find happiness no matter your face.
But I - I find life tough because of what I am.
I find life just discriminates for this one man.
I complain a lot for small and puny concerns.
Vent with rhymes even though it still burns.
They ask me to be happy, so I mask the image.
Practicing all life. Venting, not the scrimmage.
Ask me to disregard, and ignore all the issue.
As it dissolves my cores, brains, even tissue.
How am I suppose to be happy with my life?
Be thankful to my God, yet still, I would strife
Pretend calm, when I live constantly in fear.
Seeing scenes, that aren't deemed to be there.
Asked to live livelily, while I live in this hell.
Asked to come outside, but I enjoy this shell.
Isolated from others that may try to hurt me.
Sadly, isolated from those who'd comfort me.
Lifes problem surround me quite immovable.
Life is so pretty, g
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 11 3
| Untitled | Vent
I asked God to give me answers, never heard a single word.
I still try to pray, but my life is hurtful, It's absurd.
My body is at clash against its own self and it hurts.
It's hard to stay clean in this mud, but I play in dirt.
Questions seemed unanswered, no one wants to answer this.
It's cancerous! this type of absurdity surely can't exist.
Heart's frozen from self-loathing. Can't favor these notions.
And the oceans of melancholy is my long lasting emotion.
My fear, I wish I can at least hide physically behind it.
I masked so much in past I split the imagery behind it.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 8 7
| A Moment Of Bliss | Tr
It seems as the clouds have passed away.
The sky seems blue, rather than grey.
Happiness around, strange, what to say.
I am happy for the instant I met you today.
Your laugh gives me joy to the extreme.
His compliments make my mind serene.
He is a blessing out of a wonderful dream.
The clouds have passed away it seems.
The epitome of generosity in every way.
In debt to you for eternity. I can't pay.
I wish I could talk with you every day.
I am happy for you to be here today.
The grass isn't grey today, it's green.
Your absence was nihility, so obscene.
You now realized what family means.
The sorrow has now passed it seems.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 10 18
| Felt It | Vent
I felt it. It did not feel very nice.
Took away the pain for short time.
Crawling in my skin like lice.
Hesitant to explain this rhyme.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 10 8
| Peace All I Want | Vent
Diseased body. Lifeless sensation.
Pain and agony. Begging alleviation.
Severe suffering. Suicidal sights.
Feeling fragile from fear and frights.
Is this how I wanted my whole life to be?
I'm fragile as feathers, it's not hard to see.
I'm weak, disordered, epitome of sickness.
Deluded by sorrowful mist and it's thickness
Fearing what would happen when I erase it...
I see someone I have been replaced with.
I am not needed anymore, can I die in peace?
Will I be shown grief after I'm deceased?
Will I be missed after this wicked death of me?
I'm fragile as feathers, It's not hard to see.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 8 2
| It is I | Vent
It has been decades since I have tasted tears.
I am tired of living with sickness and in fear.
If I had a wish, I'd wish for the ability to cry.
Intermittently, but able to weep before I die.
It causes me to rage, causes me to act hyper.
I pray to God for answers, should I ask nicer?
Is it really this arduous to let my tears flow?
Immolating my joy, but it just won't show?
I am emotionless or am I over-sentimental?
Injurious to my health even if it is gentle.
"I'm going insane?" I ask the gun to my temple.
Illegitimate thoughts, to end what is mental.
I am the only one that I act pretend with.
If I turn the music off... what am I left with?
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 10 0
| Who Am I | Vent
They say I am the cause of the problems.
They say removing me may even solve 'em.
But I question them this without any lie.
I question them this, who exactly am I?
Remove me? But who the hell is me?
An oddity, or just an abnormality.
They question me if I ever will soar?
Who am I? I don't know anymore.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 2
| Sheep In Wolf's Clothing | Vent
I appreciate the respect that is presented.
To a rhyme writer who is nothing but demented.
A person awoke-dead from all the self loathing.
Sensitive inside, a sheep in wolf's clothing.
Deleterious Echoes, and I just ballooned it.
I am broken inside, you can't see I'm wounded.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 8 2
Solvable Paradox
I woke up from a dream, while awake all along.
From a silent sound. Without a rhythm song.
I look from my blind eyes; a scene so absurd.
Ineffable in its way. Describable with words.
An illuminated darkness following me still.
Scary and calm. It was such a boring thrill.
I follow it down the stairs, to the roof it was.
It was roaming intentionally without a cause.
Up the stairs it went to the basement, it sat.
The blind man saw it fall straight on the mat.
My friend laughed out loud, that crazy 'lil mute.
They quarreled like gentlemen, with no dispute.
The crippled ran slowly towards the big brawl.
And hid in plain sight, that deaf heard it all.
He tried to run away but slipped on dry water.
Carelessly concerned ran my male daughter.
A true myth told by the ol' mute at the bar.
Said, he lives close and he came from afar.
He was feeble due to his extreme fitness.
Doubt me but the blind barman's my witness.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 12 9
Empty Emotions
Human body is composed of two emotions.
Peace and chaos: the essence of my notions.
Happiness is peace, overjoy is a chaos.
To be at peace is to be happy and lay off.
Sadness is chaotic, a war inside the head.
All the bottled emotions in mind, never said.
Questioning yourself, till when will it last.
A riddle of the future or maybe the past.
Agitation is a battle of patience and peace.
Destroying the surrounds, piece by piece.
Eating you alive as the clock ticks faster.
To hold such calamity, it takes a master.
Empty your brain, and achieve peace in a blink.
Adapt and plan, but you shall not overthink.
Adapt to your surroundings, never leave yourself.
The moment you lose you, is when you enter hell.
Such words by legends, practiced by few
Chaos everywhere, even the words we spew.
I live in chaos. Peace, I can never preach.
A long journey to serenity, I may never reach.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 6 1
Your Child - I Spoke
"Dear Almighty, one of your child" I speak.
Highest of points, on tall mountain's peak.
"If I am alive, then why do I feel lifeless?
Dying men around, how is this life priceless?
Diseased bodies, yet the cure is overpriced.
Just for due money, men are getting sliced.
Education is incomplete due to lack of cash.
Riches are in quarrels, parents scraping ash.
Why is wicked lust more common than love?
What are the answers to the questions above?"
"I gave you a tasked life to search after me
Distracted by all that was just temporary
On to remember me in the time of your needs
You are to blame for your own wicked deeds"
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 3 0


vent by xKorrupted-Kittenx vent :iconxkorrupted-kittenx:xKorrupted-Kittenx 4 1
Why does climbing out of this pit,
Have to be so hard?
Sometimes I just feel so tired that I feel I should just quit,
And let go so I can just fall onto the shard..
So that it can pierce through my torso,
And I can finally relax myself,
But I know if I let myself fall onto the spikes below,
It would be the end of me which is why I wish there was some kind of propel..
To lift me away from climbing,
So I can relax my hands,
And right about now would be the perfect timing,
So I can set forth on better plans.
So I can quit focusing on trying to climb out,
And focus more on what I want to do in my life,
But first I need a direct route,
To advert away from this terrible strife.
:iconxkorrupted-kittenx:xKorrupted-Kittenx 7 1
Orange Cheerleader Chibi~! by Kittilykitten Orange Cheerleader Chibi~! :iconkittilykitten:Kittilykitten 5 0
| Love |
It pokes and pierces through your skin,
Letting just anyone in,
Prosecuting your soul as they let go.
You stop for a while as you sit and stare ,
As another creates a new tear,
Afraid to share the old story untold.
As more and more just rips up your soul.
As you rot away until you're old.
Old and alone - dry to the bone.
Nothing to love, no one to hold.
:iconsiruncorn:Siruncorn 5 1
Blue Cat Boy Chibi~! by Kittilykitten Blue Cat Boy Chibi~! :iconkittilykitten:Kittilykitten 5 0
|To The Smart And The Beautiful|
It's hard when you're not known,
For being smart or beautiful,
Your life is colorless and you function like a drone,
And nothing you find in life is suitable.
When you're either witty or pretty,
You at least have something you know you're good at,
But without either or, life can be really shitty,
You feel nothing but a nuisance such as a rat.
So when ever you feel ugly,
You are at least smart,
And when ever you feel dumb and clumsy,
At least you're beautiful and steal everyone's heart.
Because there are people out there like me,
Who are neither of these wonderful things,
So don't worry about things you are not and cannot be,
For if you don't have a halo, you at least have wings.
:iconxkorrupted-kittenx:xKorrupted-Kittenx 6 5
Weezing My Ass Off by Yanie-The-Brown-Pone Weezing My Ass Off :iconyanie-the-brown-pone:Yanie-The-Brown-Pone 12 7 TBT - The Great Collage by OneWithTheStars TBT - The Great Collage :icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 2 0 I wonder who is more pale.. by PendraEye I wonder who is more pale.. :iconpendraeye:PendraEye 15 2 Collab Gift: Princess by Dari-Draws Collab Gift: Princess :icondari-draws:Dari-Draws 27 3 Protector by SarahEvarista Protector :iconsarahevarista:SarahEvarista 2 0 Broken, But Yet To Beg by TheWickedWordsmith
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Broken, But Yet To Beg :iconthewickedwordsmith:TheWickedWordsmith 7 0
Suffering To The Max~ by TheWickedWordsmith
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Suffering To The Max~ :iconthewickedwordsmith:TheWickedWordsmith 8 0
[Gift]: Savage by BleedingHeartworks [Gift]: Savage :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 90 3 -Biohazard- by Herobrinetta -Biohazard- :iconherobrinetta:Herobrinetta 17 4


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Syed Mujtaba
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am a 17 year old student, trying out digital art as well as poetry as a way to vent, and also figuring out if it could be used in my future. If I offended you in any way due to my poems... Really dude it's the internet.



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A broken heart gave me a pain of a lifetime, so sad. A broken hand gave me the pain of my life. Walls punch back as hard as you hit them, but I love pain. :) 
A great friend, a great artist, and he nailed it. Show him some love people. Fav bomb!!!
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Drawn by © - Sil3ntRain
Stolen from cutevulpix56 

»~~. What do you use to cope when you’re feeling upset? 
‌• I use poetry, music, art, and games. Emotions are the root of my deviantart.

»~~. How do you see yourself? 
‌• I don't... I am a rhymer, not a poet.

»~~. What emotion do you experience the most? 
‌• Melancholy is the most popular one.

»~~. If you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would that be?
‌• Write... just write anything.

»~~. Do you think you’re brave? 
‌• I am coward mostly.

»~~. Is it easy for you to show yourself love or speak kindly to yourself?
‌• I hate my vanity, it's insanity. I show my self absolutely calamity.

»~~. What annoys you the most about people?
‌• Liars... I hate liars and fakes.

»~~. What makes you feel super loved? 
‌• I have lost the meaning of love.

»~~. What do you want people to feel when they’re around you? 
‌• Be honest, and be frank.

»~~. What is a dream you’ve never said out loud? 
‌• That is contradicting...

»~~. What do you lie the most about?
‌• "I am fine" That is the most thing I lie about, my emotions.

»~~. If you had to change your name then what would it be?
‌• I would nickname myself "Knaimles."

»~~. What makes you feel most alive?
‌• Being active and not constantly burdened by issues. 

»~~. When do you feel you're most vulnerable? 
• When I am emotionless/numb/flipped-switched.

»~~. Are you more afraid of death or not really living? 
‌• More afraid to live like this, than to die. And afraid to die knowing I did not live.

»~~. What do you think makes you smile? 
‌• Friends...

»~~. What scares you the most?
‌• Friends...

»~~. What is more important to you — status, power, or money?
‌• Money can't buy happiness but that shit can support it. 'Cause what's a family of five if you can't even afford it.

»~~. Is there anything you see inside of yourself you’re not sure of?
‌• What, who, why am I?

»~~.. What is that one childhood fear you have not told anyone yet? 
‌• Nothing I can think of right now.

»~~. What is the nickname that your friends have given you? What does it mean?
‌• Motay, I used to be fat, it means fat. 

»~~. Where would you like to be in 5 years? 
‌• Alive hopefully.

»~~. What was the experience that impacted you the most in your life? 
• My diseases and disorders.

»~~. What type of relationship do you have with your parents?
• A good relationship, but I don't share my emotions that well.

»~~. Would you be with someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you?
• Depends on the person.

»~~. How would your best friends describe you? 
• I don't have any.

»~~. Do you usually follow your heart or your head?
• I heart.

»~~. Would you put your family or your friends first if you had to choose one?
• Family.

»~~. What did your last relationship teach you? 
• You don't need to be in a relationship, you just want to be in one. A relationship is a responsibility.

»~~. Do you prefer dating just one person and see where it goes or dating multiple people until you make a decision?
• Dating one and see where it goes.

»~~. What are the qualities you’re looking for in someone you want to grow old with? 
• Personality... simple.

»~~. What are you most grateful for in your life? 
• Being a Muslim, and living with minimal problems.

»~~. If you could change anything about your past, what would it be? 
• If time is ticking in the ticking of time, but the time is licking in the licking of time, but the past is far behind us, and future doesn't exist, then which one is which? - Siruncorn 

»~~. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself today and why?
• My weakness and vulnerability to abandonment.

»~~. If you knew that you only had one year to live, what would you change in your life? 
• Be more religious.

»~~. Where do you go when you need some inspiration?
• Music.

»~~. Who is the first person you call when you’re in trouble? 
• Poetry.

»~~. What is the craziest thing that you’ve done with someone?
• I live... that is crazy.

»~~. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
• Don't kill yourself. You matter.

»~~. If you could marry anyone in the world, who would it be and why? 
• I'd stay celibate/bachelor for my whole life.

»~~. Do you think confessions make a relationship stronger?
• They sure can, depends.

»~~. Did you ever judge someone for the dark secrets they told you?
• Never judging.

»~~. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?
• Speed-force. So I can just live my life, but with high-reaction-time, and insane speed, thus, making a tad bit easy. Also, I could run fast enough to go to places and see my friends that I have been dying to see. 

»~~. What is your biggest regret in life so far?
• Giving up.

»~~. What was your favorite romantic moment and why? 
• Listening to the song "Can't help falling in love with you", and basically referring to my depression whenever I sing it.
»~~. What is your favorite childhood memory? 
I don't have many, but I'm sure there's a couple that'd make me smile if I could think of them

»~~. Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?
• Nope!!! Bad.

»~~. What do you do when you’re angry? 
• I clean stuff... or punch walls.

»~~. What are your beliefs on God? 

There is more to this life than living and growing old,
and leaving a lot of possessions some one else will own.
We will surely be resurrected, and judged with what we're blessed with.
As we are sure that constantly being tested. Until death is what we're left with.

»~~. Do you believe in soul mates?
• Yes, I do.

»~~. How long does it take you to really trust someone?
• It's relative.

»~~. What gender are you into?
• Females.

»~~. What traits do you find attractive?
• Personality, and adorableness.

»~~. Manners or no manners?
• Depends on the environment. 

»~~. Do you care if they are pretty or would you love them no matter what? 
• A decent face and a great personality is far better a pretty face and awful personality.

»~~. What would you do for them if they were sick?
• Comfort them, take care of them, and just be there for them.

»~~. How many ex's do you have atm?
• Um, 2.

»~~. Do you have a crush on someone?
• I might, but I usually dismiss it.

»~~. Have you ever kissed someone (IRL)? 
• Mum?? That it.

»~~. Where would you want to be asked out?
• It doesn't matter.

»~~. Where would you not want to be asked out?
• At a funeral... or maybe the morgue.

»~~. Would you date long distance?
• Done it before, will do again.

»~~. Picture that perfect person you want to be with, if you two were living together what would the house/apartment be like?
• A mansion with heavy-glass furniture and decor. Sadly I am the only one living in there.

»~~. What are some qualities you are afraid to share with that special someone?
• I don't like myself. Most of the time, I think people that are complimenting me are just complimenting me because I'm their friend, not because I actually am that thing.

»~~. Are you looking for a relationship right now?
• Trying to find me, bitch! Where am I?! But yeah, a partner is what I want, not what I need. 
  • Listening to: A good but goofy friend.


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