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A Poet's Thought : Letter To My Sister
A departure from my sister. My first and best friend.
Never realized that our house-sharing would come to an end.
At last, she will become a bride. Away, and I'll miss her.
The summer of my life falls this cold and dark winter.
I wish the best for her, and her husband to be.
More than what I can fathom, or what I can see.
Happiness awaits around, from what I can tell.
Have a great marriage, old sister. Farewell.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 4
Venting The Reality
I reside in a cold dark abyss. Away from all the joy.
A demented little psycho trapped in an innocent boy.
I still remember the abandonment of my piss-poor past.
When I used to wonder-sick till when will this pain last.
I found someone that fit me as perfect as a glove.
Started to adore her like never. I gave her all my love.
Yet I forgot her true worth, and I sadly got past her.
The devil presently at my elbow, and I tried to be the pastor.
It wasn't meant to be. Our destiny got the best of me.
She treated me like a king. I returned favours disrespectfully.
Now that this vent is over, I wish the bestest beside of her.
Written by the diary of ill. Her secret admirer.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 1
Reminiscing The Wreckage
I remember your smiles like the moonlight on a dark day.
Still reminiscing those times fore I turned gray.
I disrespected your love.. I had nothing to say
But i still miss your presence, your essence, in every way.
They say death takes you to a better place. I doubt its true.
I can be better nevermore. Unless I'm loved by you.
I made mistakes unforgettable. Disrespectful out of blue.
No excuses, I just changed. My words were toxic, without dispute.
Even I realized, how badly you were disrespected.
And after that time passed untill we were disconnected.
I roamed freely in my mansion. Yet I was still dejected.
You now live happy, and with emptiness I'm still affected.
I will keep writing about you untill I can jot.
Until my mind goes numb from my poisonous thoughts.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 9
Poisonous Past
This life I live seems without a purpose.
I ask God if all of this is really worth it.
I disrespected an angel, oh so perfect.
A feeling defined as desolated and worthless.
They tell me not to care, but it sure is hurting.
An abyss of depression for melancholia's wordsmith.
Going insane day by day as earth is turning.
Drowning in a pool of blackness, filled with curses.
A place close to emptiness which sadness lurks in.
All I want is to slit wrist, if it ends this subject.
The final chapter in this book. A bottle of pills.
There lay the book it read, diary of the ill
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 10 14
Puzzle's Piece
It's been a while since I wrote about you.
No wonder my colorful day started to turn blue.
You were the last piece of this wicked puzzle.
A galaxy of bliss, but you were the lone shuttle.
I want you back in my broken mansion, my dear.
The garden hasn't bloomed since you left it there.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 7 8
Far from well
Inexplicable feeling of an unceasing void.
Pivots between demise and life enjoyed.
Tried restraining yet failed numerous times.
Captures and bottled in vast bottled rhymes.
Felt agony and torture, but a path to persevere.
Accompanied anxiety, depression, and fear.
Slept with paranoia. Kissed the lips of toxic.
Radiating evil. Using masks quite often.
I am alone in my cell where difficulties dwell.
Far from well. Broken in my hell.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 5
| My House And It's Puzzle |
The mansion is nearly broken, and far beyond repair.
It's a compilation of anxiety... dementia... and fear.
Quite a few months ago it started to wreck itself.
Simultaneously I grew darker with my deteriorating health.
A missing piece of the puzzle. Known, but out of reach.
Strangely it's numbing, yet it hurts when I breathe.
I've learnt to keep shut, and not to bother a single man.
I figured people judge me, even those I called friends.
Weird, indeed, but this is actually helping myself.
We all die alone, so this isolation is an actual help.
Or maybe I am sick, sadistic, or maybe twisted.
Maybe crucifixes made of sticks might fix it.
Perhaps I might have gone insane, and there is no fix to this.
Life is a tour of demented chaos; Never ever a trip to bliss.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 1 0
Mature content
Cold Metal - Warm Skin - Nightmare :iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 7 11
A Writer's Thought : Expect Perfection
They say no one's perfect, and they expect perfection.
Promise to never leave, and leave you asking questions.
Always try to convince you of their friendship for life.
Yet never help you and always leave you to strife.
Never trust these frenemies disguised as friends.
Perfect people don't exist. No reason to pretend.
Always be yourself in this life, not what you want to be.
These thoughts will chain you for eternity and never leave you free.
Mainly because you always live with your insecurities.
And never live life to the fullest, always scared of defeats.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 6 2
Concise Dawn - Misery's End (sonnet)
Concise Dawn - Misery's End
As the star emerges from the black dark.
I lie in light, writing, and quite at peace.
My brain, calm before the tempest to spark.
I crave and covet a coffin to lease.
We are bestowed upon this scene with ease.
Yet, we shun it with a slight of slumber.
And it lingers away in such a breeze.
We forget and neglect this huge blunder.
Depressed, we are not. Nor rises thunder.
Unfortunate, our souls are left hollow.
We neglect this gem below all plunders.
This cycle of grief to ever follow.
Savor this  concise dawn alike a friend.
The start of true joy and misery's end.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 7
Rhyming Or Reason
They say I am quite absurd.
Weird. They say I'm from Mars.
They never understood my love for words.
I never drank, but I live in these bars.
Everyone is addicted to something.
My vent and therapy are these verses.
To some drawing is their life's  spring.
But I am boy that this poetry nurses.
Ever since I've picked up a pen
I knew phrases would be my love.
I've been writing since then,
And I have only put God above
I find peace in these rhymes
It is certainly a weird obsession.
Judge fuck-all any time.
But this is my therapy session
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 12
| Religion In My Eyes |
I have always wondered if this life is worth it.
I spend all my time, in verses, soul-searching.
Just can't seem to get the grasp of what is so perfect.
Or a scripture sent from above that is indeed well-worded.
Thought that if I here my echoes, I should listen to music.
and if I still get deluded, I chase alcohol and use it.
I realized if my anodynes are in liquor, I failed life's tour.
I thought money was happiness, no wonder I was poor.
What is to this life? I just couldn't understand.
How were we created? And who is considered a proper man?
Apparently, we don't have to answer, "It's all just natural."
I have tried to trust all of these "Spiritual manuals"
One of them stands-out, with zero contradictions.
With tales that are factual, actual, and non-fiction.
Don't be arrogant, be open-minded as a creed.
And if you still disbelieve, I just suggest that you read.
And read till you come across that which prompts you.
May you find your reason. Peace be upon you!
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 4
Death Seems Serene
Life seems to be going in a backward stream.
Full of pain, problems, and a lot of crushed dreams.
Everyone has someone. I am alone in my team.
Happiness is my antonym, it seems.
All I want is some peace, but all I do is scream.
And I surely vent away all my spleen.
I do tell my story to the All-Supreme.
He says happiness is my antonym, it seems.
Now tell me
Doesn't death seem serene?
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 3 4
A Ballad Of Joy. And Sarcasm
Pain has struck me in my pen, I don't know what I wrote.
I don't know what I speak, it got control of my throat.
To the pieces, I write, and speech of my life.
This hole in my soul is sinking my inner boat.
Imagine a burning pain that doesn't allow you to sleep.
Imagine a 17-year-old, with an eight years of streak,
Of constant pain and misery, that deprives him of slumber.
And he cuts into his skin, you can't see he's hurt deep.
He thinks of himself as a curse, a burden on other people.
Thinks he is a root and the cause of all the evil.
Feeble, he is, and he has no will to go on, but
His friends are his anodynes that force him till his sequel.
He wanders aimlessly with the astuteness of a child.
The shrewdness of an infant who hasn't been here for a while.
Acuteness of his pain is interpreted as rudeness,
From life, from God. His sagacity faded quite wild.
Judge this man. He is broken and he ain't free.
Chained to his thoughts that made him flee,
Away from his friends, but he's back an
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 9 3
Condition Zero
I pray everyday hoping this pain will leave me. 
An unfortunate awful fate it won't go till you grieve me. 
I rhyme a line easing the pain off my mind. 
This pain is asinine, it is indeed one of a kind. 
As if my body is melting from the inside. 
No one is beside. All I do is try to hide. 
I abide by the rules yet no progress is shown. 
I can't bear to go outside. I am chained in my home 
I am distant this instant so I apologize to all. 
I apologize, but underlies the deepest of falls. 
Anodynes make me fine, they delay what is odd. 
Delay the gray pain till under the sod
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 5
Fall In Love With Me
I might be hated, and I might be despised.
Some folks may hate me like a gray depressed skies.
But I will be my self. Not whom I pretend to be.
One day I won't wake up. And you will fall in love with me.
Till then, you have my permission to easily hate me.
I will respond to your hatred some-what quite gracefully.
And if you hate me out of the blue, no matter the season,
I will cross the limit and give you a fucking reason.
Till then, love and hate for me exists intermittently.
And when I don't wake up, you will fall in love with me.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 7 2


Doki Doki Literature Club + speedpaint by Dari-Draws
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A broken heart gave me a pain of a lifetime, so sad. A broken hand gave me the pain of my life. Walls punch back as hard as you hit them, but I love pain. :) 
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